A Ramadan like no other

It’s the 27th day of Ramadan and as the blessed month slip away by the hour, it will be a memorable Ramadan for multiple reasons. While the mosques and streets remain empty, and we are forced to stay in our homes fearful of the corona virus, there is a calmness and peace that is unique to other Ramadans I have experienced.

In the midst of the initial panic parenting and anxiety about how I will juggle worship and full on parenting during the global pandemic in Ramadan, I am grateful for the stillness and the gift of pausing to focus on what truly matters. It is true that at times it takes a calamity to bring us back to what is important, and perhaps my Lord knew this was the wake up call I needed to reorganise my priorities.

My heart is full and I am emersed in gratitude to be able to “do” Ramadan with my nearest and dearest. We have learnt so much about our Lord and our faith together during quarantine and I am honoured to be able to share this spiritual connection with my little people.

There have been many moments where I have wanted to spend my whole day doing acts of worship alone yet I remind myself that faith can be found in whatever situation we may find ourselves in. My focus has been redirected to what is and was always important, my Lord and my family. I appreciate my loved ones that bit more and every day I uncover blessings I never knew existed.

While the last few days of Ramadan is a sad reminder that an old beloved friend is departing, I am thankful for the wake up call. My biggest take away both in Ramadan and during this global pandemic is that Allah is and always was in control. Regardless of what is going on around us, He is continuously showering His mercy on us.

Our house is noisier than usual and it is true that there is no respite from parenting while the children are in school, yet we have bonded as a family in a beautiful way I have never experienced. This will be a special Ramadan we won’t forget as a family, Ramadan Covid 19.


2 thoughts on “A Ramadan like no other

  1. So heart warming to aways read your write up, there’s always something to take home.
    JazakAllah. May Allah richly reward you all abundantly for sharing this with us.

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