Reflections of a ‘Born Muslim’

Have you ever woken up one day and wondered where the last 10 years of your life has gone? Have you ever thought about how much you’ve changed and the process that resulted in the ‘new you’? This is my space to share reflections of my unique journey of self-discovery, inner conflict, and identity challenges that have shaped who I am today

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free”. – Ralph Elliston … More Reflections of a ‘Born Muslim’


Let’s get married!

A few years had passed since my spiritual transformation from Born to practicing Muslim, and I was finally ready to get married. As a popular topic in the practicing Muslim community, I had resisted the pressure to rush into marriage. Despite being Born Muslim, my perspectives on many Islamic matters were flawed due to my … More Let’s get married!


I have always considered myself African, regardless of being raised and living in the UK. Aside from being able to speak an African language, I adhere to ‘African traditions’ such as respecting elders and cherish values that involve strong family ties and the extended family network. I have numerous ‘uncles’, ‘aunties’, and ‘cousins’ who are … More Sellout!

‘Born’ Muslim

During a recent visit to a family member, the oft-repeated and dreaded comment came up: “I miss the old you.” I always take offense when I hear the disappointment in their voice. An element of sympathy mixed with a hint that the current ‘me’ is someone undesirable; someone who rebelled against being the person I’m … More ‘Born’ Muslim