Nurturing faith 

My oldest son, prince 1 turned seven years old and it was a big deal in our home. Turning seven was an important milestone and the beginning of his prayer journey. The prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) advised that a child is taught to pray when he is seven years old.  With prayer being the … More Nurturing faith 

Not just a mother

In the world of parenting, there were opinions on virtually everything and anything. The perceived ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ decisions, the ‘right’ versus the ‘wrong’ way of doing things with nothing in between, and no consideration for the uniqueness of each family. I felt the pressure to be happy with ‘mother’ as my only identifier which … More Not just a mother

A glimpse of hope

​My spiritual journey had taken a different turn through the adventure of motherhood and took me out of my spiritual comfort zone. To make the change I desperately wanted, I had to stop mourning who I was and embrace who I had become. I lost interest in competitive parenting, let go of the ‘super mum’ … More A glimpse of hope

Lost in Motherhood 

The blessings that came with motherhood brought joys, tears and changes as I adjusted to being a mother of one, two then three beautiful children. With every additional child came a unique challenge. Becoming a parent was as intense as life experiences come and impacted on every area of my life; however I never anticipated … More Lost in Motherhood 

Fruits of Ramadan

My Ramadan awakening ignited something in my heart. I may have experienced many years of Ramadan, but this was the best so far. I knew I couldn’t allow myself to go back to where I was spiritually and made a sincere intention to preserve my spiritual high. The thought of not being able to keep … More Fruits of Ramadan

Blushing Bride

I had been married for twenty-three days and was enjoying life as a new bride. Transitioning into married life was both exciting and nerve-wracking. The process of getting to know my husband at a deeper, intimate level was filled with unexpected joys and fears as we planned the rest of our lives. I was happy … More Blushing Bride