Ever since I was young, I have always been a ‘doer’, an ‘achiever’. As I grew into womanhood, I was known among my family members and friends as the ambitious one. I can honestly say there is not one goal I set myself that I wouldn’t achieve, even against all odds and tough situations. All … More Superwoman

Life beyond Ramadan 

As we enter the last days of Ramadan, it is important to think about life beyond the blessed month. Since the purpose of Ramadan is for us to attain God consciousness, planning for life beyond it is important for spiritual development and to maintain the heightened awareness of our Lord attained during Ramadan. The fact … More Life beyond Ramadan 

Pre-Ramadan Reflections

With a few weeks to Ramadan, I often find myself in deep reflection. I’m eagerly looking forward to the opportunity for increased worship, renewal of faith and the buzz Ramadan brings. I remember my most productive and transformational as well as my most challenging. As I reflect on my post Ramadan habits, what went well … More Pre-Ramadan Reflections

Nurturing faith 

My oldest son, prince 1 turned seven years old and it was a big deal in our home. Turning seven was an important milestone and the beginning of his prayer journey. The prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) advised that a child is taught to pray when he is seven years old.  With prayer being the … More Nurturing faith 

Not just a mother

In the world of parenting, there were opinions on virtually everything and anything. The perceived ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ decisions, the ‘right’ versus the ‘wrong’ way of doing things with nothing in between, and no consideration for the uniqueness of each family. I felt the pressure to be happy with ‘mother’ as my only identifier which … More Not just a mother